Hailing from all over the country but converging in Providence, Boston, and New York City, The Furies are a band apart. The all female group combines lyrical finesse with instrumental prowess, mixing ferocious hooks and lush harmonies that draw from wide influences; Jeff Buckley, Regina Spektor and Led Zeppelin, to name a few. Not just a rock band; but a collaborative of songwriters, composers, and multi-instrumentalists, The Furies are carving out a name all their own and much like their namesake, they mean business. Lead singer Lee Moretti started the project after having come off the road as Third Eye Blind's multi-instrumentalist and background vocalist, and the last few years have been a time of quickening growth for the unique group.

Having raised over $10,000 through crowdfunding campaigns, the band toured the Northeast, the south, and the midwest and had the opportunity to share the stage with the likes of The Ataris, Big Scary, and many others. In addition, The Furies independently released their debut EP and music video. The band chose to work closely with stars of the production world, recording with Dave Minehan (The Replacements, The Neighborhoods), owner of Wooly Mammoth Sound, and mixing with Sean Beresford (Third Eye Blind, Vanessa Carlton).


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